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Image by Kseniia Rastvorova
Birch Tree Folk Choir logo in green

BIRCH Tree folk choir

Reconnect + Realign


About BTFC

The benefits of singing together are well known: making friends and boosting confidence, strengthening the immune system and increasing mental alertness to name but a few. Developed by Emily Heuvel, a trained singer and qualified counsellor, Birch Tree Folk Choir is a fun, friendly, and welcoming choir that builds on and embeds these benefits. Rooted in nervous system research, the warm ups, breathing, exercises and singing styles have been specifically selected and designed to connect with the body’s healing systems; easing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and reducing depression.

Birch Tree Folk Choir is all about connection - to ourselves, each other, our communities, and the world around us.


The music we sing is extremely accessible – you don’t need to read music or have any experience singing or in a choir. We are always happy to welcome new members, so if you think we might be for you please do book a place, get in touch, or come along to a session. We hope to see you soon!

singing at a community event - wassailing an orchard
enthusiasm from a singer: "After 15 years singing in different choirs... I feel like I've come home"
a passionate singer
"This is the choir I've been looking for all my life! It's perfect, connecting wellbeing, landscape, history, and singing tog
Birch Tree Folk Choir singers celebrating after a performance
positive feedback: "I love choir! Tuesday nights are now my favourite nights!"
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