Wednesdays, 7.30 - 9 pm,

The Redbrick Building, Morland Enterprise Park, Morland Road, Glastonbury BA6 9FT

Our second term starting in a brand new venue!

There is free parking onsite and everybody is welcome - there's no need to read music or to have any experience singing or in a choir!


Meet Leander

I love music and especially singing, and currently work with groups from 5-100 years old, teaching and encourging group singing and music making for better health and mental wellbeing. I am a trained counsellor and have experience of mental health ranging from anxiety to depression. Singing is beneficial whether or not you have a mental health issue because it developes genuine community, self expression and confidence, and is loads of fun whether you think you can sing or not! Come and join us in Glastonbury and reconnect with music, community, and a sense of joy!

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Booking &Fees

Come along and see if you enjoy it - you can pay week by week, or pay for the term in advance to save money.

Membership Fees:

- Pay as you go - £10 / session

   Come along as and when you like

- Termly membership - £9 / session

   Save money by booking your place in advance

- Early Bird Termly membership - £8 / session

   Book your place by 7th August

Term dates


Autumn Term

Our very first session in Glastonbury will run on 4th September!

The Autumn term will run for 15 weeks, from 04/09 - 18/12. There will be no session for half term on Wednesday 30th October.

Spring Term

We are back for the new year on Wednesday 15th January!

Join us!

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