Join us for our online Wellbeing Choir!

Each Monday from 7-8pm Angeline takes us through a guided relaxation exercise, followed by some simple warm ups and a beautiful traditional folk song that you can learn and share with friends and family!
There's no need to have any experience singing or being in a choir - this is about supporting our wellbeing, and enjoying a beautiful simple song together!
Sessions are hosted on Zoom, and for much of the singing each person will be muted - as unfortunately due to different internet speeds and lag there isn't any technology that allows us to all sing together. You'll be able to hear and sing along with Angeline, but singers won't be able to hear each other. You'll still be able to see each others' smiling faces and feel connected though - so let rip, as noone else can hear you!
Each session costs £8

How to join

1) Click the 'Book Now' button below - this will take you to our registration page
2) Select which sessions you would like to attend and fill in your details
3) Click 'Pay and Register' - this will take you to PayPal where you can either enter card details or use a PayPal account
4) When your payment has been processed you will receive an email with a link to join the meeting
5) When its time for the session (we'll begin at 7, but suggest joining from 6.45 to give us all time to make sure we're set up properly) click the link and enjoy your session!
We recommend making sure you register and pay by 6.30 at the latest!
You can register each week for each individual session, or register for multiple sessions at once to save you having to register again :)